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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Limitless has shown me direction and how to go in that direction. It has also shown me that success as well as failure can make you a better person on my path to achieving my goals.
Clay Salsbey
This program has really impacted my life by changing on me several levels. Most of all it has assured me that I have the capability to truly succeed in life and become a leader.
William Cleveland


Succeed Forever Community is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide innovative community support, resources and inspiration by mentoring individuals into a successful perspective and lifestyle, changing the community one at a time increasing the quality of life for many.
Currently we are doing motivational workshops and seminars for students and servant leadership into the community with servedfw.org .  Donovan Dock is also a corporate coach and consultant and out of the need expressed by many administrators has recently added professional development workshops for leaders.
We need a wide range of volunteers. Opportunities and application are right here for your convenience:) JOIN US!  (Disclosure: Because we work with minors and the sensitive nature of our business we do full background checks on all volunteers.  The site is 100% secured,  thank you.)


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